DarkerRP BETA 1 Release testers required!

Hi folks, this is DarkerRP :snoop: BETA 5 :snoop:

It is based on Cakescript G2 and has the following 3 goals:

  1. Be worse than DarkRP so as to distract minges from your main RP server, whether it be DarkRP, Cakescript, Taco or whatever else

  2. Make something worse than DarkRP using a nice script like Cake to show that even the most prized of roleplaying scripts can turn into a minge-fest.

  3. Maybe some former DarkRP people will try out cake, like it, and move onto some more serious roleplaying

A couple of addons are required and these are listed in the download page.

Thanks to Nori for Cakescript G2, Rickster and Rick Darkaliono for various classic pieces of code, other contributors recognised in the readme file, help-menu in game and various other places…

Please post anything you consider to be major bugs here, and have fun! You might like it more than DarkRP, you might not.

I couldn’t fully test the arrest mechanism because I don’t have anyone to test with or time to find someone and do it either, I basically made this in 4 days.

Everything you see below is buyable in-game except the map, trees etc. Obviously. Map shown is rp_forestblock (a build RP map)




Have fun!

Didn’t expect you to be trolling.

I have a right to say DarkRP is mingey, I helped work on it too :slight_smile:

I’m not trolling, it’s an actual gamemode. Try it out :stuck_out_tongue:
(it’s really not serious competition to DarkRP I only made it very quickly… but it does have a large capability for minge-ing which might be fun for some people, who knows… and at least DarkRP no longer has to be called the worst gamemode)

I have no hate / love for specific scripts… this is based on Cake but SeriousRP is based on DarkRP… back to front? Might as well buck the trend…


:roflolmao: Nice job. This just might get atleast SOME negativity away from DarkRP.


What kind of FUCKERY is this?!

( ontopic: I guess it might help. I guess. )

heh, I know… I should probably have said… you can buy everything that looks buyable… vehicles…etc

Nice. but it seems like you forgot to add the scripts for the cars in the download. you also seem to accidently have put the effects folder inside the contents folder.

Thanks for the feedback!

The scripts for the cars are included by downloading the addons.

As for the effects, it explains why the nuke is broken. I’ll move things around that don’t work. That’s one of them!

Also does this use less Networked variables and stuff than normal darkrp? Becuse i help my friend with his server that run on darkrp, and we got a big issue becuse of to many networked vars crashing client’s and making in impossible to join the server.

It should do… but I can’t confirm that. It uses the amount cakescript does, plus the extra items I’ve created.

Tested this. i like the rp_admin command but the setmoney thing doesnt seem to work. and how do i pick stuff up?


i also noticed that you can change your name throught console, but i see no way to do it from the menu, and if you type the command without any arguments you break your menu


figurd out how to pick up items


i like how the model of the death ragdolls change after a time. but when the ragdolls change they get mega bugy and starts flying around in the map Lol

rp_admin setmoney player 1000

for some reason you are not able to set to every amount. i had 230 and tried to set to 1000 and it did not work, but i tried to set to 100 then it added 100 tokens

I noticed that too… There are a few glitches like that apparently with cakescript. I’ll investigate that too… thanks.

The money bug has been there for a long time. It’s the template that’s fucking something up.

I wrote the setmoney plugin myself - if it behaves the same way as the other one there must be another underlying problem…

EDIT: BETA 2 undergoing minor testing here before release. Should fix nuke effect issue and hopefully the money thing.

When you release the final make sure to describe it as an upgrade from DarkRP, and make the thread (should you link to one) tell the user the same thing, idiots won’t download it if you happily shout “THIS WAS DESIGNED TO BE WORSE!”

Also do you have a link to that numpad addon? All the ones I’ve tried refuse to work now.

You are now the 89488944898989…89498th person to edit another script! Excellent work chap!

Thanks. I like to think:
a) I actually put some work into this.
b) That was the point.