"darkness gives me the creeps"


Hm…Which is scarier, the picture or the video? Good pose as always Raptor.

Mr. Struts is just strutting away, man.

Have original picture.

Ah much better.

Right behind you.

Where did you get the model for Derpface.

I call him Derpface because I forgot it’s name.

Be glad it’s not anti-struts.

Nice work!

Monster looks like a derp.

Great song pick. really fits the pic. LOL, when i opened the pic in a new tab, I had to turn off the music. I almost pissed my pants

lol, it was hard to do this in game to, because i forgot where i posed the monster… and when i found him, well…

I love how much people are enjoying the model I released…Make that fearing.

gonna make another pose with it,

Amnesia must be the scariest game i’ve ever played(And medievil when I was young). I never played it alone, too scary

Amnesia wasn’t too scary for me, I made through the Penumbra series, so I was able to bullshit my way through Amnesia.

i’m playing the first Penumbra now. only monsters ive seen now is dogs and spiders. I hope it will be scarier than that

That’s basically it for Overture, still had scary moments though, but I wont spoil it. Black Plague is what took me a long while to get through, very scary at times.