Darkness Lurking *Interactive amatuer crappy comic that uses HUD*

Now, this is my first comic. It sucks. It will always suck. This is why I need you to tear it to shreds, but tell me what to improve on.

This is the Headquarters of Генетика, the Russian genetic reasearch company located in the mountains of Siberia.

You are a scientist working on the project deemed more than top-secret, codenamed “Project 17”.


You hear gunshots coming from outside. Do you:

A)Get your knife from the filing cabinet
B)Head to the Armory to get a more powerful weapon
C)Get the knife and head to the armory (you will be carrying all the weapons you can)
E)Other (specify)

NOTE:I’m using the HUD as the display for health/ammo. I’m that shitty.

E: shove knife handle up urethra while masturbating.

I’m…I’m not sure that…Huh?

E. Go to your nearby Heavy and steal his sandvich. You haven’t eaten all day, and he normally has a lot.

This was supposed to be serious, but screw it. WE’LL DO IT LIVE!

…If 1 person agrees with this I’ll do it.

ill do It. Im bored lawl

OK, I’ll get the next one up in a bit.


You find the nearby Heavy security officer relaxing at the lounge for his break. He’s staring right at you, and he probably isn’t too reluctant to use that minigun. Do you:

A)Go and get the knife
B)Go and get a more powerful weapon from the armory
C)Both of the above
D)Kill dat sucka with your bare hands!

F) sv_cheats 1 > God > Noclip > Steal Sandvich


The Heavy appears to not have his sandvich. Damn!

It takes two votes to win.

F.Spawn a sandvich. Then proceed to C.

Error: The Mingebag comic creator lacks Team Fortress 2 update models. Enter link for models, or proceed to option C.

Then get the update models.

Then tell me where to get the UPDET MODAWLS. Do they have them on garrysmod.org?

Thanks! I’ll definitely have the pics up by tommorow night.

Note: Remove the ‘other’.

Anyways, C.

OK, I’ll do C today. Also, remove “other” because it causes people to post stupid options, or what?

Don’t remove the other option, retard. Then the comic becomes too serious for 87% of the facepunch community.