DarKnight: Man-Bat Directed By Joel Schumacher

So, I’m starting this thread with ‘so’, and I was checking out Dtmech’s latest release of models and I tell ya, I had a small bunch of good ideas, silly and ridiculous ones at that… Not sure if that’s a compliment or put-down.

One of the models reminded me that before Schumacher was taken off the Batman movie franchise his planned sequel was going to be called DarKnight and would feature Man-Bat as the villain. Thankfully, such a film never spawned. But, I have a small feeling it would end up looking something like this:


batman vs man-bat


Look on the bright side, at least it attract bad guys!

Funny thing is that theres already a character named Man-Bat.

He’s a giant fucking bat mutated from a scientist, a batman enemy.

Gracias, maties.