DarkRP 2.3.7. Money Printer Glitch

While hosting a DarkRP 2.3.7. server, we experience the problem in which we cannot respawn money printers after they blow up.

So this is an example, I join the server and spawn 2 money printers (max is 2).
1 explodes, I am with the error “You have reached the max money printer limit” whenever I try to respawn the one that blew up. Same at 0 printers.

Could you please help with this and not answer with something like “Downgrade/Upgrade”. This is the most preferred DarkRP version

You have to update. I you don’t do it, deal with it.

We Prefer this RP version the most (Sorry for late reply)


I once had a glitch with a money printer that the money spawn then catches fire and blows up… Don’t ask me why after I got css it started to go away but it was funny giving money to a guy when I am being robed and it blowing up and killing him xD
(It likely had some thing to do with the sever but oddly after I got css it was gone :P)