DarkRP 2.4.1 Bug

Can some one help me or tell me how I can fix this bug please

Player “Player” left the game (Kicked by Console : " “Idle for 1200 seconds.”)

It does it every so often when the person who is kicked is not even idle.

Any Clue?

DarkRP does not come with any idle kicker. Please check for any addons that may include an idle kicker.

Think it may have been ASSMod, I use ULX now.

:barf: ULX

AssMod Dosn’t have autokicker

One of the plugins for ass in the shitty non-official packs has a shitty glitchy peice of shit afkkicker.

If memory serves, there is a ULib based AFK kicker, but if he had it installed, he would have had to done it himself. Most would think that the AFK kicker they installed would be at fault, instead of DarkRP.

Yes, assmod does have autokicker.

I have found another bug. When you go into utilities Admin clean up > Clean up everything, it removes door owners. So every time that I clean up the DarkRP server I have to go and rename doors. Any suggestions to fix it?

Yeah… Get rid of FAdmin.