DarkRP 2.4.3

Hey guys, basically I’ve just made a server for a mess about, but when I download darkrp 2.5 it looks nothing like all the other big servers? I came to the conclusion they are using 2.4.3 but I can not find a download anywhere! Can someone help?

They are using 2.4.3 or 2.5.0, but made their own custom content, GUI etc.

Ah exactly what I thought! Now that bring me to the second problem, where do I get darkrp 2.4.3 from? Ive looked nearly everywhere. :confused:

DarkRP 2.4.3 is outdated and no longer supported. You should go with 2.5.0 it’s much better and you can customize it as much as you want.

I know, but I can’t customize things, and I prefer 2.4.3 because its F4 menu. So do you know where a 2.4.3 download is? :slight_smile:

It’s not provided by the DarkRP creator. You’ll have to get it from someone. But again, the new code is much more efficient.

2.5.0 has a f4 menu as well. Garrymod.org is down. Perhaps some upload on Google. Anyways if you’re not a dev, don’t use 2.4.3 because you wont get help with it. As mentioned above.

Just convert your stuff to work with 2.5.0. It’s not worth using an outdated version; it’s like saying you’d rather use GM12 because more stuff works for it.

I run a copy of GMOD12 for nostalgia and old addons. Dont judge.

I mean using GM12 exclusively.

I really don’t like how 2.5.0 is. The file structure and everything has been the same for a long time. I honestly believe that Ftpje got sick of people posting bug reports when they stupidly fucked up the gamemode because they cant modify the files right.

What I’m saying is I have looked at both of the gamemode versions, but I still want to run 2.4.3 until it breaks down and is no longer usable for many reasons.

I dont blame him.

Neither but the fact that he let it go that far as to change what has been a very easy thing to modify and change is now a cluster fuck to anyone who has been working the 2.4.3 file structure as long as I have. Now everyone who has modified the fuck out of their dark rp is fucked out of thier time, because of this. This whole change should have been implemented at GMOD 13’s Release, in my opinion.

This is small fry if you actually built your additions/modifications to DarkRP properly, yes sure you’ll need to do some work to get your previous edits to work with the new version, but if you actually wrote it as an extension of DarkRP (as is what is encouraged with the new system) you wouldn’t have these problems. You’ve missed the point of what the 2.5.0 update is.

I agree with the post above me. Proper coding is easily converted. DarkRP has always told people not to edit core files. People editting the crap out of their DarkRP… are ignorant.

If it was kept the same you would still be fucked as you wouldn’t be able to update properly if you “modified the fuck out of your DarkRP”.