DarkRP 2.5 Donator Jobs

I’ve made some donator jobs, but i want everyone enable to see it (So players can see what classes they’re going to get if they do so) and not only for the donators.

There is the coded job. If you’re able to remake it, so it does show to everyone on the server, please post it in pastebin. (Or here if needed)

Make sure GM.Config.hideNonBuyable is set to false

F4 menu
– hide the items that you can’t buy and the jobs you can’t get (instead of graying them out)
– this option hides items when you don’t have enough money, when the maximum is reached for a job or any other reason
GM.Config.hideNonBuyable = false

– Hide only the items that you have the wrong job for (or for which the customCheck says no)
– When you set this option to true and hideNonBuyable to false, you WILL see e.g. items that are too expensive for you to buy
– but you won’t see gundealer shipments when you have the citizen job
GM.Config.hideTeamUnbuyable = true

Does this seem correct?