DarkRP 2.5 F4 Menu Available?

I’ve looked everywhere for a decent F4 menu for 2.5 and could only find one… Metro F4 ( http://coderhire.com/scripts/view/1043 ). Problem is… it’s fucking $13. Anyone know a decent and simple looking f4 menu that is free for use? Thanks.

I’ve got one. It’s a FlatUI themed F4 menu and I used it on my old server before the community shut down. Here’s a screenshot, click the link below to be taken to the GitHub repo.
Edit: Forgot to mention you’ll need to disable the default F4 menu in disabled_defaults in the darkrp-modification addon.


Note: If you hover over an object, if you can Join/Buy it, the color will be the same as the button to the right.

Hey man, I can’t thank you enough… That’s a really sweet lookin menu. I really appreciate it.