DarkRP 2.5 Money printer


Those was orginally made for my own server.

To see it in actoin watch the video below The image explains some of its features.

To install just drop it into darkrpmodification/lua/entities

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k9so30svrnvbeda/mNFpl9AVfY

Please PM me all bugs you find

Great Work Cant wait to see more.

Where have I seen this before?
Coderhire? Or here in the Waywo?


Wasnt these on coder-launch.

They was but I decided that everyone should could have this on their server.

Lul a guy “leaked” the script even though he never bought it off coder-launch and its from the dropbox link (it contains the lua file which was a file mistake from me :D)

I believe you just admitted to obtaining links to leaked scripts unless you are the OP of the linked thread, because looking through the post history of each member that replied, they have all posted on multiple coderhire leak threads. Considering the fact that to even view the link you need to reply to the topic.

I not replied to that. I was just going after some Skype premium codes and I found that post and got a good laugh.

Calm the fuck down. Your not the Leak-Police…thats what killslick is for xD

dode fricken dark rp is epik and im glad ur comin out with frickin epik content for an already epik gamemode

Hey, great mod, but i have some questions…

i dragged the 3 files into “darkrpmodification/lua/entities”, still no difference is there - the moneyprinter is the same old general one. i just get this error then:

I’ve also tried to drag the files into


  • and into*

what am i doing wrong? (i’ve never did this before, fresh in the buis)


I just figured out that the original name wasnt “custom_moneyprinter”, but “money_printer” instead (seeable in darkrp/entities/entities/money_printer). so i renamed it and it worked instantly. thank you though!