DarkRP 2.5+ - TCB Car Dealer


Because of the lack of free car dealers I decided to make my own.
It features all the default things like permanent saving, buying, selling, various setting but also have test driving.**



TCBDealer.vehicleTable[“class”] = {
name = “name”,
mdl = “mdl”,
price = price,
color = color,

customCheck = customCheckm,
CustomCheckFailMsg = "CustomCheckFailMsg",


Required: class and price.
Optional: name, mdl, color, customCheck and CustomCheckFailMsg.

** Installation:

Products page - https://www.thecodingbeast.com/products
GitHub page - https://github.com/TheCodingBeast/TCB_CarDealer


I use this with Photon and when ever I try to spawn a LW car with it, the car spawns in a random color plain, then all of the ELS is added in even though it shouldn’t. So basically:

  1. Can you add Photon Support
  2. Ability to disable random color on spawn? (For Emergency vehicles or other with skins)
    It looks like a really good mod and great that you are giving it out free.

Update: I can provide more information if needed.

Why does this script have a colour scheme of a kids toy xD

I will add support for that when I come home.

Yeah because having blue, green, white and random colors for the vehicles makes it look like a kid toy? Thanks for the indsight [sp]kid[/sp].

Try making something as good, then come back.

Release 1.1:

  • Photon support. (Not tested)
  • Button to store vehicle after being spawned.
  • Forced color option for vehicles.
  • Setting to change frame title.
  • Setting to disable random colors.

Screenshots updated!


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Not working for me.

Here is where it is located: https://gyazo.com/d21034f2b20372751ed2e46b26340d2a

These are the settings: https://gyazo.com/b71210f986bbd71038ccf7c84aabe582

My physics gun is where the pos is and the parking spaces beyond is where the spawns are:https://gyazo.com/ae876c0a479d0ab0c5cac02ea79f8e88

P.S None of the others work like the hud or f4. are there threads for them?
Anyway neither of them come up I have disabled the other ones.

Any help??

You need to take the ‘tcb_car’ folder out of the master folder like I did in the video.
For the other ones take a look at the instructions. But it’s pretty much the same.

Ignore this comment. Need to find how to delete it??

Never fail to impress good work man! and nice hud!

getting new errors now

no idea what to do??

Let me know if Photon fucks up too much. The application of skins and equipment and shit should happen like .5 seconds after spawn, but I’ve never done much with stuff like car dealers, so if anything is whacky I’ll take a look.

Works GREAT with Photon now. Thanks to both of you for creating amazing mods and keeping them free! It’s MUCH appreciated!

Try this:

TCBDealer.dealerSpawns[“rp_california_r”] = {
pos = Vector(-4605, -1823, 64),
ang = Angle(0, -90, 0),
mdl = “models/Characters/Hostage_01.mdl”,

	spawns = {
			pos = Vector(912, -860, -140),
			ang = Angle(30, 0, 0)
			pos = Vector(163, -960, -139),
			ang = Angle(0, 180, 0)


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Perfect! Was easier than i expected :slight_smile:

The first thing I did for my own vehicle system table, was to use the Entity name instead of name and model. Makes it much easier to add new cars, since you can copy the Entity name from the vehicle tab.
That and getting the data from list.Get(“Vehicle”) is just some advice :sax:

Release 1.2:

  • Name and model is no longer required. (It will now automatically detect the values)
  • Color picker button besides close button if enabled.
  • Added the ability to disable the bubble above the car dealer.


Thanks for the suggestion!


Maybe in the next update you could make it so when a person changes their job, their car will despawn also a config option to change how close you need a car to store it? :badzing:

Yes hello i am getting this strange error can someone help me figure it out or tell me if i did something wrong.

[ERROR] addons/darkrpmodification/lua/darkrp_modules/tcb_car/sv_cardealer.lua:114: bad argument #1 to ‘PrecacheModel’ (string expected, got nil)

  1. PrecacheModel - [C]:-1
  2. fn - addons/darkrpmodification/lua/darkrp_modules/tcb_car/sv_cardealer.lua:114
    3. unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:179

And this:

Couldn’t include file ‘sh_config.lua’ (File not found) (@addons/darkrpmodification/lua/darkrp_modules/tcb_car/sv_cardealer.lua (line 12))

I have downloaded it several times i’ve extracted the tcb_car into my darkrp modification module folder. I have set the spawns for both the npc and car’s. The npc shows up but whenever i try to buy a car or test drive it says “Spawn point was not found”. Please fix!!!