DarkRP 2.5.X Tool Set -- Simple Shipment and Class Creator (CMD)

Fox’s DarkRP 2.5.X Tool Set!
Includes: Shipment and Class Creator!

I’ve created these simple batch files that simply generate a text document with a custom Shipment or Class. Simply answer the questions it asks you and it will save the .txt file to your desktop. Simple as that!


  1. All you have to do is extract the folder to your desired location and run the DarkRP Tools.bat and follow the easy on screen directions.
  2. That’s it! Wasn’t that easy?


Version 1.0 (1/23/14)
You can get the latest version here

Help and Support

If you have any problems, wither it be with bugs or issues, please leave a comment or email me. You can find my email in the README.txt document.

Known Problems

Class Creator:
At the current moment, you can only add one of the following to each class:
– Starting Weapons
– Player Model