DarkRP 66 tick server | PHX3 - Admin!

Hello everyone!

A couple of days ago I started my own Garry’s Mod server, its a public 66 tick server.

Information :
12 slots right now.
Advanced Duplicator.
Stacker tool.
Door tool.

DarkRP (official, updated from SVN).

Not many mods so it takes a long time to download, max one minute then you are ready to play!

Currently I am paying for this myself, ~60$ / 3 month, so I would like to find a mature co-owner that can pay 30$ / 3 month.

Also, right now you can purchase cheap admin!
2$ - 1 week.
5$ - 1 month.
20$ - permanent.

Website : znjrp.darkbb.com
Also a lottery to recive free admin right now!

Ip :
24/7 online!

If you are interested in becoming a co-owner, you can contact me :
Or here on the forum! :wink:

See you!

Haha, offering admin for money is the worse possible idea.
Plus it’s a build DarkRP, so I won’t touch it with a barge pole.

Friend offered co owner to someone for $20 once, gave them access to the TCAdmin panel and the dude stole the server. No offense, but that’s a bad idea.

then your friend was a idiot… he could have quite simply added him as a full access subuser… then if he pissed about… remove him

12 slots is a joke.

I agree with the others, adminship for sale = bad idea.

You could of course sell tooltrust/respected user, but you have to allow people the chance to earn that as well for free (if they behave and become an active part of the community).

I personally would not recommend having too many build mods (phx3, wire; etc) on a roleplay server, but that’s up to you.

Good luck with everything!

But at least it’s a start.