[DarkRP] A hook for lockdown?

Hi, just to start off, if this is the wrong forum feel free to move it or i can delete it and reopen it in the appropriate one. Anyway i have a job on my DarkRP server called the “National Guard”, i want this job to be off limits unless the mayor orders a lockdown (so people can’t spawn in tanks and humvee’s just by joining that job) but i’m not sure if there is a hook for the lockdown, i was wondering if anyone knows it can you tell me? Or if not but you KNOW there is one but you dont know exactly, could you direct me to where i could find it, if there’s not one its fine, i just dont know what i will do if there isn’t xD

You can find all the DarkRP 2.5 hooks documented on http://wiki.darkrp.com
You could also ask on DarkRP forums http://darkrp.com
Here’s the function http://wiki.darkrp.com/index.php/Functions/darkrp/server/lockdown

Thanks dude, theres not a hook for that :frowning: