[DARKRP] A vote especially for one team

Hi everyone!
I send this post today for a little problem. I try to manage a special vote. I explain : You would like to be in one team, and when you try to join, that creates a vote. No problem here.
But I search a way to creates the vote and just player(s) of one team can vote for the player.
In RP, we can give the following simple example : You would like to be a bodyguard, and when you try to join the team, a vote will appears just for the mayor and just the mayor votes.
I think this is very basic, maybe there is a specific function, but I don’t know which.
I tried to change the vote module, but I need votes for all people too, so I can’t… canStartVote and requiresVote are maybe useful, but I need a function same as :

SeeVotes(number teamtoseevote, number teamcanseevote) -- THE FUNCTION

But that doesn’t exists.

Any help ?

UP. I know that this function doesn’t exist, but maybe a person can create this function in a future update of DarkRP ? I think that is necessary :smiley:


You do realize, this isn’t DarkRP forums?