DarkRP AddCustomVehicle problem.

Hello guys. I have a problem with my DarkRP server. The server is on the internet and everyone can join it. The thing is that I have problems with adding custom cars to DarkRP.
I have downloaded a car pack from garrysmod.org: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=91443
They are driveable. It contains resource.AddFile(“FILE”) for each file and I’ve already tried to join the server and it do download the files.
Although, I pasted the whole GTAIV_Vehicles folder into the addons folder and I’ve tried to take out every single folder (lua, materials, etc) and pasted them into their regular folders (garrysmod/lua, garrysmod/materials, etc).

In the addentities.lua I have this code for the vehicles:

AddCustomVehicle("Jeep", "models/buggy.mdl", 800, {TEAM_CAR})
AddCustomVehicle("Minivan", "models/Inaki/gtaiv/vehicles/minivan.mdl", 1500, {TEAM_CAR})
AddCustomVehicle("Comet", "models/Inaki/gtaiv/vehicles/comet.mdl", 2300, {TEAM_CAR})
AddCustomVehicle("Banshee", "models/Inaki/gtaiv/vehicles/banshee.mdl", 2800, {TEAM_CAR})
AddCustomVehicle("Lokus", "models/Inaki/gtaiv/vehicles/lokus.mdl", 3300, {TEAM_CAR})
AddCustomVehicle("Stallion", "models/Inaki/gtaiv/vehicles/stallion.mdl", 3800, {TEAM_CAR})

(FYI, we do not have any addshipments.lua, we add our Shipments and all that in to addentities.lua and it works, the Jeep car works too.)

As you can see, I have one car that is by default in gmod, and I added it to the Car Dealer job and it works properly. But no other cars works. When I join the server I get an error saying this:

WARNING: Stallion FAILURE IN CUSTOM VEHICLE! Vehicle not found!

and I’m pretty sure that errors speaks for every custom car and not only the “Stallion” car.

When I write rp_getvehicles in the console I get this:

Available vehicles for custom vehicles:

I have the correct directory structure in the addentities.lua. I’ve even tried with “addons/GTAIV_Vehicles/models/Inaki/gtaiv/vehicles/stallion.mdl”

Thanks in Advance.

Likely chance you didn’t place it correctly?

Jarrod, I’ve placed it at 10000 diffrent locations. It is correctly setup. I’m not sure why it is being like this. In-game, the model of the car is an ERROR and I can’t spawn it through the Q panel since it’s not there.


do you have them installed to your addons?

Model errors? Seems like you don’t have it. Maybe the files your are using are not placed correctly themselves, unless its making errors because its forced to. Check that the file paths are correct and leading right to the file.

The issue is you’re using the wrong command to get the vehicle names. You need to run the server-side getvehicles command.


(Run this in game as an admin, and then look at your server console.)

It will return the vehicles that are installed on your server, and then you will take the name of what it finds and put it in the bold text area below.

AddCustomVehicle(“NAMEHERE”, “model”, 3800, {TEAM_CAR})

rokrox, Okay, I will try that. Thank you so much if it works! :smiley: <3

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robox, I have rented a server and their web control panel doesnt show what happens -.- Do you know how to create a minidump of the server or any logs or anything?

rokrox, Okay, so, now I’ve recieved a condump on the console. Here’s what I get when I do the way u told me to:

None of those GTA cars are showing up in that return, which means the addons aren’t installed correctly, or the addon no longer works.

Hmmm… I’ll try with another car then. Thanks for your help rokrox! Appreciate it man!

If you installed it right and still wont work try this>

AddCustomVehicle(“Jeep”, “models/buggy.mdl”, 800, {TEAM_CAR})
AddCustomVehicle(“GTAIVMinivan”, “models/Inaki/gtaiv/vehicles/minivan.mdl”, 1500, {TEAM_CAR})
AddCustomVehicle(“GTAIVComet”, “models/Inaki/gtaiv/vehicles/comet.mdl”, 2300, {TEAM_CAR})
AddCustomVehicle(“GTAIVBanshee”, “models/Inaki/gtaiv/vehicles/banshee.mdl”, 2800, {TEAM_CAR})
AddCustomVehicle(“GTAIVLokus”, “models/Inaki/gtaiv/vehicles/lokus.mdl”, 3300, {TEAM_CAR})
AddCustomVehicle(“GTAIVStallion”, “models/Inaki/gtaiv/vehicles/stallion.mdl”, 3800, {TEAM_CAR})

or somthing ive had same propblems and i only added somthing with GTA on the names

Badutski, thank you for your support but I’ve fixed it now. Thanks to rokrox.

No you need Sv_DwonloadURL -_-