DarkRP Adding HL2 RP Chat Sounds

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So I was looking into adding some HL2 RP Chat Sounds into DarkRP 2.4.3. I have all the code, but was looking at it and it has things such as “v.faction == “Combine””, and of course there isn’t a faction “Combine” in DarkRP.

I was looking into some functions for the gamemode, and found DarkRP.is.CP. This might be able to apply the sounds only to CP if I used that function instead of the “v.faction == “Combine””.

But I was also looking, and saw that there was “directory.Clockwork” which in DarkRP, there is no such directory.

I was thinking it would work if it was put in the lua/autorun folder, but I wasn’t too sure.

I was also thinking that we could maybe dissect this code, and add it to the current DarkRP sounds. From there we could add DarkRP.is.CP to that section so that only the CPs get those chat sounds.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Sound Code: Click Here
DarkRP 2.4.3 Functions: Click Here


This is lua.

… you’re asking for help with a script, you want to port it to darkrp.

he linked a darkrp help thread. this forum is for RELEASES.