DarkRP Addons not working

I recently created a DarkRP Server based on Linux. It does work great except for my addons.
I have extracted all my wanted addons from gma to :quotes: readable data :quotes: and added them to my addons on my Server (garrysmod/addons).
After that I changed my Server so it is based on FastDL. I have created a new lua file with all the workshop ID’s of the addons and added this file to my “lua/autorun/server” folder.
I also use a specific start command with my authentification key and the ID of my workshop collection with all the addons I wanted to use.
Sadly almost all of the addons I want on my Server don’t appear in my spawnlist.

If i start up my Server I **CAN **see that the addons are loading up and as soon as I join my server I can also see them get loaded and mounted (while on the loading screen) but as soon as I am spawned and I look for them they are not on the list.

What do i have to do so I can use the addons (or see them :hairpull:)?

Show us your garrysmod/addons folder

Here you can see my addons folder

Rename all folders to lowercase

ok let me try it

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OMG…Thank you…It worked fine. Love you man