DarkRP admin commands

Ok so I’m making a server, but I’m having some major issues.

  1. I can’t figure out why M9K guns wont go on
  2. I don’t have Permission to do the DarkRP commands, or spawn weapons/cards
  3. I can’t make custom jobs

nfo servers are hosting my server, I have the latest version of DarkRP, and I’m using Fillzilla as an FTP

Thank you for your help!!!

  1. have you installed them correctly?
  2. Have you set yourself as an admin?
  3. Dont you have knowledge to make custom jobs or don’t they work?

Yes I have the M9K weapons added correctly they used to be on but all they did was crash the server.

Yes I am a superadmin for ULX but not for the DarkRP commands, and I don’t know how to make myself one

Yes I have the knowledge, I’ve also tried to download files to do it but It doesn’t work

Do you have the regular Fadmin scoreboard? If so click on your name and see if you can set your own rank in fadmin aswell.
Otherwise try rcon FAdmin Setroot <YOURNAMEHERE>

Does the jobs give you any errors?

Ok that worked, but no errors

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By the way, with this new thing, how do I add myself to be an owner and demote others to be admins and stuff?

If you don’t know this, please don’t run a server…

Nothing is higher than superadmin so don’t create anything above that

create ranks below yourself, and never above

Pish, ply:IsRoot() is higher :wink:

Although that’s custom… And kinda pointless, superadmins should be trusted so there is no reason for an IsRoot, but I’m a security paranoid nut job at times :frowning:

What he said.

Also I don’t recommend you post threads about DarkRP, people tend to get angry for some reason because its playerbase is less than the age of 14 (most, anyway). I do have tolerance so I am not going to get angry.

Furthermore, install an admin control panel (ULX) or make yer own.

Google around and you will find how to make jobs.