DarkRP Admin Help

Few quick questions about DarkRP admin settings.

1: Where is the DarkRP admin database located (I know it used to be admins.lua but they changed it)

just looked through data.lua in DarkRP, they don’t appear to store any admin info in databases
I believe they just use IsAdmin and IsSuperAdmin for everything

Does DarkRP have immunity?? I just opened every lua file in gamemodes/DarkRP/gamemode/ and searched for “immunity” and “immune” and got 0 hits o.o

use an Admin mod like ULX/ULib

They do have admin immunity where admins can’t physgun or kick/ban/ragdoll/etc other admins… the default is “0” you can change it by editing the “Access” folder files or temproarily enable it if you’re the root_user

oh. herp derp. I forgot about FAdmin x.x
<<I feel stupid
I don’t use it though I deleted it from my DarkRP install, so I’m just gonna shut up now