DarkRP admin, maps, and addons help.

Could you guys lead me in the right direction, and help me understand a few things about folder locations? I mainly need to know how to set groups and put people in them, I think ULX does this? That would lead to my next question, where would one upload things like ULX, and other addons? Finally, I’d like to know how to change maps on my server. Thank you.

Ok, you will need to instal ulx into your Addons folder in your server (you should have 2 folders to put in there, ulib and ulx) then once you have done that, you go onto your server, go into your console then find your Rcon password in your server config then do "rcon pass password then "ulx adduser your user name superadmin then add a group called owner and enable what you want, then to change the map, simply use ulx to do this, do !menu then go to maps then chose what map and game mode, then do force change map or some thing and your done! Good luck :slight_smile:

I have put them in my orangebox->garrysmod->addons, but they are zipped, I tried just putting the folder, but since my server is hosted that wouldn’t work. And do I join the game and put in the rcon pass and user add in the game console?

Ok what control panel are you using? Tcadmin? And yeah, you join the server and do the rcon and ulx adduser thing

I’m using wrench, it’s by MPServ.

Hmmm, I’m not familiar with that although they should have an unzip option for the zip, or for some reason they don’t, download FileZilla fill out the information to connect to the FTP then you can upload unzipped files or files that are not zipped :slight_smile:

I got the ulx and ulib in folders in my addons, it still says unknown command: ulx.

http://gamebanana.com/gmod/tuts/11079 this is the exact directions I followed jsut 2 days ago for my server and it worked perfectly for me. Hope it helps you as well!

If you want, you can add me on steam, or Skype, then I can possibly lead you through the steps if your still having trouble :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll message you my steam name.