DarkRP Admin Mod Suggestions

Hello, I was wondering what you all would suggest as an admin mod for DarkRP. I’m trying to get one that allows sourceban integration, as I think it is a really cool feature.
I have tried using assmod(broken), Evolve (couldn’t get sourcebans integration to work), ULX(Works but will sourcebans work for it?), and FAdmin(I don’t want regular admins having access to all the features that it gives them). I feel as if I have tried everything. Could post some suggestions on what to do? Thanks.

I think i may have posted this in the wrong forums… I’m new lol

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong forum" - Overv))

Sup, ULX has an addon that allows database integrated banning (can be used for sourcebans, but you will have to create your own viewpage) Evolve failed for me as well :3 (Also evolve has all the features you dont need and misses the ones that you do need) assmod is broken and fadmin can be disabled.

FAdmin can be disabled simply by deleting the FAdmin folder in DarkRP/gamemode, all you need then is a replacement scoreboard. (Hint, a DarkRP revision before 694)