DarkRP Admins Can't Use Physgun On Entites.

Hello! I am having an issue with my DarkRP server and I was wondering if anyone can help me out! I am a superadmin and I can use my physgun on things like printers but admins can’t. How do I add that feature in so admins can use their physgun on the entities? Thanks guys!

Q Menu -> Utilities -> Falco’s Prop Protection -> Admin Settings -> Physgun Options -> Admins can physgun blocked entities.

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Next time, please, use Google.

I already tried this and it doesn’t work… I even made sure they aren’t in blocked entities.

Your admin rank may be screwed up.

Are you using ULX?
Are you using the inheritance system?
Are you using the default admin rank?
Have you deleted or overwritten the default admin rank?
Are all ranks set to inherit from each other properly?

Is this with any kind of entity? What admin mod are you using? Just, Falcos Admin System or ULX? Because this may influence why its not working.