[DarkRP] Alessa's HUD

A HUD that I made in two days.


  • Clean Looking
  • Easy on eyes
  • User Friendly

What needs to be done:

  • If a player changes screen size, the polygon doesn’t move like it is supposed to.

Screen Res Tested on:

  • 1600x900
  • 1920x1080
  • 2560x1440

‘Alessa HUD’ is a great GUI for your Garry’s Mod server, it’s sleek black design and compactness make the player able to have better visibility. Unlike some HUDS ‘Alessa HUD’ is non-envasive and very user friendly.






  1. Replace the cl_hudreplacement.lua in darkrpmodification with this one.
  2. Restart Server

Other Notes:
If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. Don’t comment saying it sucks without giving feedback on WHY it sucks.

Actually scales on high DPI screens?
That’s a plus.
Nice work on that alone, cheers!

It’s cool. Free too.

And it doesn’t overwrite default DarkRP files, so that’s nice too.


please no

It can go up more, it will just be more spread apart.

I couldn’t think of anything else :v

NOTE: That missing image is where your profile picture will go, I just had it disabled at the time for contrast so I could position the silkicons.

At least you’re not charging $20 for this like most coders would on coder hire.

Looks great. But could you please remove the outer frame?

You can do this yourself :slight_smile:

I know. I’m not actually using this and I don’t think I will. .I was just giving him feedback.

How is that feedback? “Please remove the outer frame”, that to me looks like you are attempting to command me to remove it.

On Topic:
I will be uploading a new version tonight with a few bug fixes.

Nice job

Do you mind if I edit this for TTT? It looks nice and I like to learn more.

Sure go for it. If you would wait, I am going to be releasing a recoding of about 4 HUDs in 30 minutes. I don’t mind though, go for it.

It’s free, who wouldn’t like it?