Darkrp ammo, gun problem

hey all,
i got Darkrp installed on my gmod server and i got like 15 different kinds of ammo, how can i disable some ammo and make all machineguns use machinegun ammo and snipers rifle ammo and pistols pistol ammo?
and when you pick up a weapon from a shipment then you take another one for the ammo or some but then you do not get extra ammo for it, really weird bug :S

also I dont know if this is a good topic to ask for this but im starting this topic anyways so I will ask it here.
I need a LUA scripter who is willing to work for me and ofcourse I will pay you because you do not need to do it for free.
The LUA scripter needs to be advanced at least because I am gonna ask some difficult things :3

You disable ammo by: “having no guns on the servers using that ammo”
To change the ammo for the guns you would have to open their init.lua and change it in there.

wow thanks that worked!!!
but now the other thing i changed a gun to the ammo type of pistol so it now gives u pistol ammo but the picture in teh F4 menu is still a machinegun ammo box and not a pistol ammo box how can i fix that?