DarkRP AND Assmod Problems!

I posted this in wrong part I believe

Im sure there is MULTIPLE problems out there, Ive searched all over but could not find a good output(answer) SO I was wondering if you could PLEASE Help me…

DarkRP + Assmod

NOTE+ I love ULX but I need assmod cause you can restrict tools easier, more cool plugins, More MAJOR Admin-Friendly Mod (My personal feelings) So in other words Please dont tell me to get another or different one…


  1. For some reason, When assmod is on my server, it REMOVES my DARKRP F4 admin menu, so its so much more difficult to change easy commands…

  2. I set myself as Admin with assmod like this…
    <rcon_password (pass)>/ <Rcon ass_giveownership !=HOS=!Hurburt (also tried steam ID) 0
    Rcon ass_giveownership !=HOS=!Hurburt
    It gives it to me…but when server is restarted… It removes that admin… As if I was “Temp Owner???”
    anyway to give perma Ownership???

Problem 1.


Problem 2.




You’re supposed to use the ID of the player in status, not the name. That’s where you’re going wrong.

Yes, I DID try that, but it does the same thing… hmm Ill try again, anyway any ideas for the Darkrp F4 MENU?