DARKRP ATM'S FOR 2.4.3 and 2.5

I have fixed up the coding for the Original ATM’s on Facepunch (Because they were not compatible with Gmod 13)

Security issues fixed

Download Link:



Very simple setup

Click “Q”
Click entities
Click role play
Spawn ATMs around the map in places you want
Open ATM once you have placed ATMs around the map
Click save
When ever the server restarts it will automatically rescan them without you doing anything

inb4 backdoors

Sorry what?

thanks man

No problem enjoy.

PM me if you need any help or have any question about the addon!

Move the pin box a bit to the right of the text please, it’s too close and I think it’s colliding.

Could you please send me a PM with a screenshot, about what’s going on.

This addon is known for having many exploits and bugs. Make sure they are fixed

i love pin based atms…

Pin based Atms can be abused so badly and you will always get those hackers using a script to get peoples money.

Goold old times’

I know they can be hacked into easily. This is for the people that may wanna fix it or use it.

You should not release any addons before fixing the exploits you know of.

Wat he said.^^ Who really wants to download something that has exploits? Plus by fixing this etc, You will get those kids who don’t know well and download it and they get fucked over.

I haven’t used it.

I’m saying your screenshot.

For the love of god please don’t keep releasing the same atm banker v3 without fixing the security issues.

What do you mean? :v:

He’s improving it every time!

Stop fucking posting stupid ATM shit, Alex. There are already tons of ATMs out there without backdoors on facepunch. Stop polluting it.

I can not see any ATM’s On facepunch without backdoors? Fell welcome to provide me with a link

So you’re not fixing your ATM because all ATMs on Facepunch have back doors?
Is there some unspoken rule that all ATMs must have exploits or something?

Fix your shit and stop pointing at other ATM mods.