DarkRP Bail System

Version 3.8

This version changes many things in the script (using net instead of old usmg) and fixes all of the exploits!! I was completly stupid to release this while in beta yes i know but its fixed now so i hope you all can look at me as a better coder and oversee my mistakes because i was still learning! If you still see exploits please let me know as I do not see any at the moment! Thanks again!

What is this:
This is a bail npc for darkrp. When police arrest people they show up in the bail npc. Friends can then bail them out!

Current Features:
1.) Nice gui
2.) NPC is a npc not a modeled entity (like my old addons xD i was a noob)
3.) Free!
4.) Cops can use the command !setbail <player> <price> to change a players bail price!
5.) Increases RP!

Planned Features:
1.) Cops get money for people bailing
2.) Cooldown

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQByfup3B_Q (VERSION 2) (not much gui change in version 3)

Remember this addon is free… however if you would like to support me please purchase and download here (p.s check out that website its pretty cool!)

Download: https://github.com/XxLMM13xXgaming/lmm_bail_npc (VERSION 3 EXPLOIT FREE!!!) now on github!

Support: Please just leave a comment below! Thanks!


 + Added a config option for setting a max bail price
 + Fixed the version check again to fit my most recent version!

 + Fixed/Updated the version check to work better and now check whats new!

 + Added chat command for when you are arrested (only works when arrested and is a config option)
 + Now notify's police that they can reset someone's bail

 + New gui layout and code

 + Fixed net messages! (not needed to update but will help server the littlest bit)

Unknown other updates sorry!

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Your code looks truly horrible and stop using deprecated usermessage. I’ll give you the gui it looks nice. And the exploit watch is ridiculous setting sv_allowcslua 0 every 3 seconds wtf.

Your “Time Remaining” and your “Fee” text are oddly placed, please fix it.

Please use github, I don’t want to bother downloading without looking at the code.

RunConsoleCommand(‘say’, ‘/setbail’, PersonIDontLike:Name(), PersonIDontLike:getDarkRPVar(‘money’))
net.Start ‘BailNPCUsedToBail’

is the ease of exploitation a feature too?

Like i said in the rant… This was a old project so i used outdated functions… if i continue to make this addon better i will fix!

Will do! And i did not think this addon was “complex” enough to go on github but i will see about adding it there

Thats why i added a “exploit check” basicly so people can not do lua_run_cl or whatever without using other “hacks/exploits” likc i said… i did not spend much time on this BUT people with anti-cheats (basicly EVERY server now) will not have a problem!

What happens when I run that before the AC bans me? What if the AC doesn’t ban me?

First off every 3 seconds the addon will turn off sv_allowcslua so if your faster then 3 sec looks like you can do anything! And if the AC does not ban you then they need to fix the AC

This is the most retarded way I’ve seen exploits fixed. You could have just not trusted the client. The fixes are trivial.

Who gave you the right to change my server settings every 3 seconds?

Again. I did not spend time on this… Will fix in the future

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Then delete the exploit file… Or just don’t use the addon pretty simple

How about you remove the download until it doesn’t let arbitrary players remove other players’ money? The refusal to fix those huge exploits is downright malicious.

You can still use this version… I would just recommend using a anti cheat with it… I will add that in the notes

You should just remove this thread in general, who makes an exploit fix like this? When I have time I might make this addon ( most likely not till Christmas due to do exams and because my main pc broke. waiting for parts to go on sale :confused: )

That’s not how this fucking works.

I have had my addon in my sever for about 3 months now(along with cake anti cheat) and nothing has gone wrong… Like I said I would recommend a anti cheat with this!!!

You do know you’re arguing with someone with WAY more knowledge than you.

Your way of “Fixing exploits” really make me uncomfortable.

You suck and your code suck and please fuck off from my comment section. Nobody wants to hear about your shitty script. And no I didn’t steal your idea. Which firstly isn’t your idea. So please fuck off…

(User was banned for this post ("rude" - postal))

Oh yes, that proves that the addon is secure.

Never mind everyone, the author says he hasn’t seen anyone exploit it in the three months he’s been running it.

Your incompetence would be forgiven if you weren’t acting like an arrogant know it all. By the looks of things you don’t even understand the exploit. Even if you do, surely you haven’t got the slightest clue on how to fix it. Be a bit god damn humble about it and ask for some motherfucking help about it.

I am 100% open to people making fixes. If you want you can make a fix. But I just don’t have the time to do that right now

You don’t have time? seriously? With all these comments defending your bugs / exploits it could have been fixed.