DarkRP Banking system.


Before you flame, I’ve searched around for a DarkRP banking system, all of them are out dated and don’t work.

I’m requesting a working banking/ATM system for DarkRP. All i need is an entity, when you face it you can type /deposit, /withdraw or /balance. Don’t need a whole new class for it, just an entity that saves money and itself on the map.

I’m a newb when it comes to Lua coding, so no, i wouldn’t even get close to try doing that.

that would be cool but with a hit e on it and a menu comes up. it could save people money with a txt file i think

I Think this would be a great idea!

Totally agreed, we just need someone to code it. Btw there is an ATM in ‘DarkerRP’ :slight_smile:


i couldnt find it


I look all over in dark rp and didnt find it.

DARKER RP, for fuck sake.

It is a main component of DarkerRP.

I’m sorry it took me long to post, i was capped.

Anyways, for the DarkerRP, i’ve tested it before i posted and it’s an outdated version of DarkRP, it has the silver-like HUD, a lot of SWeps have incorrect stances etc.

DarkerRP is no longer called DarkerRP, it’s called CityScript. Philxyz hasn’t been working on it.