Darkrp barebone script

Has anyone got a totally stripped script for latest darkrp? I mean totally
bare so that i could practice coding it up? Im starting to learn lua as of next week and
ud like something to work on and perfect over time


Your pretty lazy, do it yourself. Also, who wants another darkrp gamemode anyways? But if you really want to, go ahead.

(User was banned for this post ("This isn't helpful" - mahalis))

Problem is i dont know what il be gettin rid of, from all that i know is that
darkrp is a good casual rp gamemode at its core its jus the failings of the weapon
system that let it down. - also is it possible to allocate objects to players after they leave the server
for a short time (not to lose all in case if crash etc.) And edit the f4 meny and remove the guns?

Try getting the SVN. I think it’s on google code… but i’m not shure.

Then export it and you can edit it (Right click -> TortoiseSVN (if you use that) -> Export)

Im thinking about not using darkrp as a base, seems there are too many haters
after doing q bit more research. Im goin to try my hand at creatung my own, id just
like a bit of help as i have a few questions, im trying to create a ‘turf war’ type gamemode
with controllable points. Are there the tools out there ti do this and if so
what are they? Id also like to impelment an XP system with rpg like skills
levelling up you shotgun skill for example