DarkRP Battering ram modification

I hope this is the right section…If not I’m sorry.

I’m looking for a battering that will allow you to battering ram your own doors. Why? Its for rp_c18_v1. If you don’t know, in rp_c18_v1 there are a bunch of door that you can not enter without a warrant. This place is going to be used as the CP base and getting a warrant for yourself every time you want to open a door doesn’t sound fun.

Bottom line. A battering ram that can be used on your own group. Anyone heard of or have this?

You simply want a weapon that only cops can use and it opens all doors when clicked on.


I can use that and make it for you tomorrow.

You only need to change to convar for cops needing a warrant to battering ram doors.

Your misunderstanding. I’m asking for a battering ram that will open doors owned by group “Cops and mayor only” without a warrant but works as a normal battering ram on other players doors.