DarkRP broken entites


I’m working on a DarkRP server and I have an issue with the entities.
If you become a Gangster and buy a printer and then change to Police, the printer doesn’t dissapear. It used to dissapear some time ago, but it doesn’t anymore. I don’t know why.
If someone could tell me how to fix it, I would be grateful. Thanks.

It’s probably some addon doing that. I’ll try to find the issue.
// Closing thread

I’m re-opening the thread. I’ve tried EVERYTHING, e.g. putting the entities in addons/darkrpmodification/lua/entities, adding a module and even checking if any addon is causing that.

removeclassitems is set to true, but entities don’t remove when I change my job, what the hell might be wrong? Please help me…

Have you tried re-installing darkrp

I haven’t touched DarkRP core files, I don’t think that’s the issue.

Didn’t know to rate it either dumb or funny.

Now, this is a temporar solution you might try.

if SERVER then
    local function siusiak( person, teamPre, teamPost )
        if team.GetName( teamPre ) == "Civil Protection" then
            for _, e in pairs ( ents.FindByClass( "money_printer" ) ) do
                if e.dt.owning_ent == person then
    hook.Add( "OnPlayerChangedTeam", "siusiak", siusiak )

hook.Add("OnPlayerChangedTeam", "asdf", function(ply)
        for k,v in pairs(ents.FindByClass("YOURENTITY")) do
            if v.allowed and type(v.allowed) == "table" and table.HasValue(v.allowed, t) then continue end
            if v.SID == ply.SID then v:Remove() end


I’ve did this already, didn’t help at all.

Did you change the word YOURENTITY to what the actual name of the entity is?

If not, I think he is beyond our help…