DarkRP Broken Weapons!

Ok, I have been running a DarkRP server, and starting a few days ago, the weapons began breaking. It started out as just some autoreload glitches (the gun would reload in one shot), and now, the guns dont work at all. IF a gun shipment is spawned, and a gun is taken out, the gun just frezes in the air above the crate. this also occurs if a player drops their weapon.

I’ve seen this happen before, what is the fix for this?

Thanks in advanced,

Have you got the relevant models (CSS?) installed on the server?




The server has CSS content, the weapons were working fine.



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Normally this means Counter Strike Source is incorrectly installed.

If it is installed in addons, try changing the name of the name of the folder to cstrike

If you need any more help, please go to the L.U.A section, and view my DarkRP knowledge base thread.

Have you tampered with any of the LUA files, such as addshipments.lua, or shared.lua?

Yeah i have the same prob