DarkRP bug for admin only

Hello guys,
We are on a DarkRP server 50 slots.
Here’s our problem : We are admins and we all have the same bug, we see everything with latency.
When we talk on the OOC channel, we see our message 10 minutes later, every commands we do appears 10 minutes later too.
Normal players don’t seem to have this problem, they see instantly (well normally) the chat, commands, etc.
Finally, when we spawn, we can’t move, we are blocked during a few moment.

Which admin mod are you running?

We’re running ULX v3.62 admin mod with ULib v2.52

What addons do you guys currently have? And is there anything in console outputting wrong?

No, everything is fine. No errors. We have checked all the addons.
But since we have installed, and then, uninstalled the ACR Bank script, the admins’s latencies are appeared.

Is this an issue no matter how many players are connected?

Idk what happened. But it came back to the normal. Thx for the support everyone.