DarkRP, bug with 'keys'?

Hello Facepunch :slight_smile:

I have a very odd problem. I have one of these RP servers, and everything seems to work fine, untill you look at a player with the “keys” -weapon. The player are holding his hands out as if he were holding a gun - which he doesn’t. He’s supposed to hold his hands down.

So, is this a common problem combined with an addon mabye?

I hope you understand my problem.

Addons on the server are:
*- anti noclip

  • door stool
  • garrys bombs
  • keypad
  • playX
  • no collide world
  • Nuke pack 4
  • PHX
  • Sensor tool
  • smart weld
  • weight tool
  • prop protect
  • ULX with URestrict
  • adv dup
  • Wire
  • smartsnap*

Thank you.

Well, does anyone else see you holding the keys correctly, some SWEPS aren’t looking right for how they are scripted

No, its not correct for anyone. :frowning:

Than, well you can’t fix it, that’s how it’s scripted

No it’s not in the script. I have had the darkRP before and never encountred this problem. :confused:

What’s the newest addon you installed?

It’s always been like that.

Hmm… I think it is ULX and ULIB.


No way. It is not like that on other RP servers.

I have also copied CSS content into the garrysmod folder, but I don’t think that could be a issue.

Depends what RP you play on, they’re all scripted different nowadays.

The keys-SWEP needs to be updated.

Clientside or serverside are you talking about?

It’s darkRP version 2.3.5.

It’s server side

Was talking to Deggemannen, but like he said try upgrading the key swep from the latest DarkRP revision…

Well updating with SVN was the key. Now it works! Thank you for your help! I appreciate it.

Glad you got it sorted.

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