DarkRP Bug

The IC chat for my server isnt working. I’ve tried multiple times to get another version of DarkRP chat, but it doesnt work for my server. Weird.
Please respond.

Have you done any modifications?
What’s your sv_alltalk set to?

This happens with every DarkRP i get. The radius or something is messed up because you can hear a player from a far distance away in IC chat.

Urgh, this is super basic. Look for enable OOC chat in the F4 Admin part, and also look for sv_alltalk 0.

It’s set to 1 by default, hence the reason it ‘always’ happens.

I’m not sure why your picture says coder…

sv_alltalk 1 to not hear mic’s CLEARLY.

Set rp_voiceradius 1 and you’re set.

Thank you greatie. You are the only 1 who knows about this stuff correctly.


DarkRP is the easiest thing to code out there. Nice excuse…

Lol. Keep talking. Some admin better notice this thread before something happens.

Just ignore the assholes, if you feed them they will continue.


Nah, I’ll stop :slight_smile: