DarkRP | Buying Ammo boxes

How can I make it so when players want to buy ammo, the gun dealer clicks the ammo and it spawns a box? At the moment, when the gun dealer clicks the ammo, it just goes into there guns automatically.

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Yet you cant make a simple base for ammo?

I hired someone to make me that.

You would need to add a new ammunition base that the gamemode uses for weapons. As of now, chances are it spawns the default HL2 ammunition, which automatically goes to players who stand in a radius of it. Basically, all you’d need done are entities that give the default HL2 equivalent, but require being “used” before they do so.

Any chance you could help with that?

I can do it, add me on Steam and I’ll give you the run down.

Send me an invite, by clicking the steam icon under my name.

You’re the one that’s getting a free service, you add me.

Tell me your steam name then…


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