DarkRP c4

I was looking for a c4 like in modifiedRP, where you have to wait some time to place it, not just drop it down (kinda like a lockpick) then it explodes in about 2 minutes, does anyone know a swep like this?
And please, if this is the wrong section let me know instead of banning me, I really can’t find the place to post this.

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There is the mad cows weapons pack, which include a timed C4.

You can choose from 30 sec to 120 (or more maybe) sec before it detonate.

It will take 3 seconds to place it (like in Counter Strike).

Yes, but I mean like where it has a bar and it takes a few seconds to place, not just drop.
Also, it would be nice if it comes with a defuser but just the bomb would be fine

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you can defuse the mad cow c4 by holding E on it