DarkRP - Can someone code me some of this?

Hello. I got a DarkRP server hosted at Bioservers.

But… I got some stuff that i really want to have.

Instead of the Veichles in the Q-Menu - Then I want people to press F4 and then go to Car Dealer. Buy a car for 500$ and then it spawns in front of them, with the person as owner. The purchase then have to be saved. So the next time the person wants to buy a car he just click on it, and then spawns it for free.
Also when a person owns a car, then if he leaves it, it have to be auto locked.

Car damage. If a person shoot on a car, it will go on fire if damaged enough. And eventually blow up and hurt person inside for 80damage and people around for 50.

I don’t mind paying a small amount of money for the above.

Also i got these bugs on my server, can anybody tell me how to fix it?
Coming up!

Thank you.

You might want to post this in the lua scripting request forum, http://www.facepunch.com/forumdisplay.php?f=53

This is already in Darkrp here
in AddEntites(darkrp SVN) or addShipments(olddarkrp)
do this
AddCustomVehicle(“Car”,“MODELHERE”, 10000, {TEAM_CARDEALER})
and in shared.lua do this
TEAM_CARDEALER = AddExtraTeam(“Car Dealer”, Color(51, 51, 153, 255),
“models/player/gman_high.mdl”, [[Sell Cars to people.]], {}, “cardealer”, 10, 50, 0, false, false)

WarJunky . I’ll just make a thread over there then.
And Ghost… I don’t want a guy who sells cars. I want everybody to be able to buy a car. And saving it too.

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