DarkRP - Cannot buy more Printers after theyre destroyed

On a server i co-own, We have gemstone printers and usually, if the limit for a ruby printer is 2 and your 2 printers are destroyed for whatever reason, you can repurchase them in F4
Now, when your printers are destroyed and you try to repurchase them, It says that youve reached your ruby limit as if your printers were never destroyed.
We have tried it with other printer add ons but theyre all the same. We plan on upgrading to new printers but we wont until we fix this problem first.
Heres one of the printer codes we have right now but i feel like its an entity thing. Ive searched far and wide across the internet but ive found nothing. Please help!

 AddEntity("Emerald Printer", {
        ent = "emerald_money_printer",
        model = "models/props_lab/reciever01a.mdl",
        price = 30000,
        max = 3,
        cmd = "/buyprinter3"

Have you recently updated this addon? What addons did you install around the time this problem first occurred? I imagine an addon may be overriding default DarkRP hooks and stuff, otherwise, just try updating DarkRP.