DarkRP Cant Pick Up Weapons?

I added some new shipments and weapons but for some reason i just cant pick it up… I cant pick up any of the weapons when i buy them from the gun dealer or anything… Im not sure whats going on…

Someone please help me

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Im using Xenon Servers to host

you need css installed on the server. and make sure ur using the latest svn of darkrp.

Well im using Xenon Servers for hosting and they installed the latest DarkRP server via SVN and i added the counter strike mod in it… Still nothing…

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EDIT:NVM i have fixed the problem :]

Why post this if there is a big fat error in chat with something along the lines of:

Cause it didnt say that lol

Yes it did… that’s what darkrp does when you don’t have it installed properly, I’ll show you the code that does it if you want…, have a box

no it had it when i said installed it i had to re-install it. and that wasnt the problem i didnt references the shipment right i had a typo