DarkRP - can't select keys, arrest batton, etc


When playing DarkRP, I can’t select my keys SWEP. When I press 2, I hear the sound and the menu pops up but it acts like I’m out of ammo for the SWEP and doesn’t let me select it, only the pocket SWEP. It’s the same with the slot that holds arrest batton - it lets me select the first item in that slot, but it acts like the other SWEPS are “out of ammo”.

Any advice?


Only happening in DarkRP?

Go to options and disable quick weapon.

all darkrp servers?

I had the same problem. Doesn’t anyone ever check for soloutions on other threads? There is no real fix as of completely but u can turn off fast switch and just press the button and scroll down to the wep or turn on fast switch and it should be fixed ONLY wen fast switch is enabled

I’ve noticed this too. Just use your mouse wheel.