[DarkRP] Cant target cars, custom ulx commands dosn't show up and jobs problem

Hello FP
I have some few problems on my server like my custom created ulx groups cant target cars and some custom jobs created with Prometheus donation system shows up for everyone. Hope someone can help me and BTW sorry for my bad english

Hi, don’t know if you fixed your probs but there you go

For targeting cars, go to “settings.lua” wich is in “/garrysmod/addons/darkrpmodification-master/lua/darkrp_config” and at line 173 to 180, you’ll see some settings.

For the custom commands be sure to put them in the right place!

For the jobs, i think you need to add custom line in the “jobs.lua” file so only the donators can see it.

that was about spawning cars

Can you post screenshot of your custom groups ?
in “can target” be sure to put: !%admin or !%superadmin

why it haven’t anything to do with cars

sorry i mean “inherits” it does mean something because if your group don’t inherit from “admin”, “mod”, “superadmin”, it’s like the player who have the group is a simple user

Only Moderators are inherits from user rest of admin groups inherits from admin or superadmin

And do they have permision to target cars ?