DarkRP Car Dealer v1

Hello! I am here to post my new car dealer for DarkRP!

You need to have RP_EvoCity_v2d!

Basicly, this is a car dealer staying inside of Big Bill Hell’s shop in EvoCity.

Well, you can edit the price, and add your own cars. Just look what I did in darkrp/entities/npc_car_dealer/init.lua and darkrp/entities/npc_car_dealer/cl_init.lua!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_3kXx4OqB0 (Igmore the sound!)

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BKB72Z8I (www.garrysmod.org didn’t want to work)

Features in v2:
Save and Load function with file.write
Not much, but I plan to make more versions!


Something happend to my internet, didn’t upload file, wait a bit.

You havent really told us what this does, at all.

Well, yeah. I made it in a hurry. Will edit it now.


And there ain’t much to say, so I made abit more.

really nice, thank you man


but it isn’t there, i just tryed it in single player

What isn’t there? Found any error’s in console? It works fine in single and multiplayer in my comp.

Okay, in my opinion.
This is really cool script, but isnt it made for rp?
whats the point of rp then?
i mean its fun to be cardealer, it kinda sucks if a bot just take your work…

Its like auto gunstores, except the creater gets the money, and have to build it …

Well, I thought that peoples were begging for an NPC Car Dealer before. So I took a look and decided to start making it. Sorry if I dissapointed you, but I tried to make peoples happy…

and happy you have made us! :smiley:

I hope so :wink:

This looks alot like perp , with your permission i would realy like to add this to my perp lite gamemode that i will release after its finished , is that ok with you?

I realy don’t care what you guys do with it. You can edit, and add code as long as I get the credit for making the base of it.

I think you said in OP that it uses file.Write…any chance of a SQL version?

it doesn’t use file.write yet. That will be in version 2.
But I realy fail at SQL, but I can try making it in version 3.

thanks :slight_smile:


wait, so it doesnt save your cars yet?

No it doesn’t.

Thanks. This is cool.


But i can’t even download this :S. megaupload failed

How to select the placement of the NPC ?

I know you said we need RP_EvoCity_v2d, but is there anyway to put onto another map?

This was from last year, but I stopped coding Lua.

Oh okay :confused: