DarkRP- Car Jacker

I’ve recently made a DarkRP server.
Only problem is, I’m a .lua fail.
So, if anyone has the free time and boredom, would you mind making a carjacker that has the model of an RPG, and if you click on someone driving a jeep or airboat it knocks them out of it?
That would be really cool.

You do know the battering ram does this already, right?

Oh. I didn’t know that. XD Sorry

Battering Rams are used by the police in DarkRP, so get the weapon name, then assign it to the job you made.

I understand that. Is there a way to duplicate the weapon and name it weapon_carjacker and when it’s equipped it’s called Carjacker?

It is a way, you just copy and modify some files in the gamemode weapon folder. It isnt so hard.

Modified the current battering ram, it should work. I had to do this without a syntax highlighter so there might be something wrong, but I don’t think there is, cause I just removed a few if checks. Here you go: http://pastebin.com/TunjP9CN

Just create a new folder in the weapons folder and call it car_jacker or whatever you want and make a file called shared.lua inside of it and put that code into it.

Thank you!!

If you want a gangster to have a battering ram edit the code in Shared.lua