DarkRP Car Spawn -> Server Crash

Hello, i need some help again.

I’ve just installed and set up the DarkRP gamemode on my server.

Everything works fine, except that everytime someone tries to spawn a car the whole
server just crashes with a segmentation fault.

I’ve already deleted the binarys and re-downloaded them, but it didn’t help.
I’m using the newest SVN Version.

Anybody knows a solution?

Thanks in advance

solution: dont use dark rp

That wasn’t quite helpful.

Are there better RP alternatives?

i got a kinda working one

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gtg , pm me and i will answer asap

Ok, it doesnt seem to be the DarkRP.

Server crashes on any gamemode, any map when I try to spawn a vehicle.
Segmentation fault

I’ll try reinstalling the server with TF binaries tomorrow, lets see if that makes things go better.