DarkRP Cars - Blocked Entites?

Hi facepunch,

I have a DarkRP Server running DarkRP Version 2.4.1, and I have buyable cars. The thing is, when people buy a car, if they change their job their car disappears which leaves them raging at me.

Also, when someone steals someone elses car, the owner just picks it up and throws it around, which isnt RP.

Does anyone know how to make the cars not dissapear when they change job and have the car owner not be able to physgun them. I thought you can do it by making the cars Blocked entites, but I dont know how to do that.

Many Thanks,

I suggest you getting a car saving system where you can buy overpriced cars.

How can i save it?
Will I need to use MySQL or is there another way where I can save it to the server.

I thought that you make an NPC in the Garage or something and have him sell the cars and when you buy one it saves to server, so then you go and claim it from him next time you connect.

SQLite will do just as well.

I don’t think anyone has released something that will do that. It’s mostly private. If you know Lua I suggest you have a go.

The cars are removed because DarkRP removes them.


Line 21.

the link leads to a blank page.

Thanks for your help, i’ll look into SQL lite and maybe have a go at coding something.

You need to disable DarkRP’s removing of Class Items, using

rp_removeclassitems 0

thanks buddy