[DARKRP]CashMod: Steal Freely

Cashmod is an addon I made recently that is a modular theft system for DarkRP.

You will need this addon installed on the server and the client to see the loot bag models:
You also need CS:S mounted and installed on clients and servers.

How It Works:

There are 3 entity types.

A loot bag, which is a bag that contains valuable goods that are recieved from…
A pickup point, which is an entity that you can steal bags of loot from, depending on the entity’s settings, and the loot is different for each entity. You can take the resulting bags to…

A drop-off point, which will take the bag and give you cash for it.

You can easily set up different loot types, payouts per loot type, the amount of times you can loot it before it goes on cooldown, the cooldown, etc. with simple modifications, or you could easily add your own with a copy-paste and some variable changes.

Looting legal goods causes it to give you a wanted status if the lootable is not marked as illegal.

If you mark a pickup point as legal, it will give you a wanted status for stealing from it, if it’s marked as illegal, you don’t get wanted, since you’re probably stealing from a gangster base that took over a coke supply or something like that.


For example, let’s say you had a bank area. You could put a pallet of cash inside the bank, that has 4 bags of cash on it worth $1000 each. There could be a busted up tank in the alleyway nearby that you could take the bag to as a drop-off point.

The pallet is the pickup point, the bag is the money bag, the drop-off is the busted up tank.

You recieve a wanted status for grabbing the money as it’s legal loot.

Q: How do I install this?
A: Drag and drop the lua folder into the garrysmod directory on your server.

Q: How do I place the pickup points and dropoff points?
A: Spawn them from the Q menu as entities. Drop-offs are loot_dropoff_x, and pickups are loot_supply_x.

Q: How do I make them stay on the map between restarts?
A: Right click the entity as an admin and click “Make Persistent”.

Q: How do I add new drop-off points/pickup points?
A: Copypaste one of the other drop-off/pickup points, rename the folder to loot_dropoff_(insertwhateverhere)/loot_supply_(insertwhateverhere). Then, edit init.lua inside that folder. Change the value in SetValues to your liking.

Version Log:
Bugfix for the Tax Documents bug

v. 1.1:
Initial Release
Dropoff points:
Boat, Truck, APC, Biotank, Fruit bin
Pickup Points and Loot:
Tax Documents
Confiscated Guns

Here’s the code for it.

Leave comments, criticism, anger, and bug reports below.

oh fucking awesome round of applause

got a problem all lot spawned takes the values of tax documents and all loot supplys behave like tax doccument supply

Huh, I’ll take a look. That wasn’t happening on my end.

EDIT: Yeah, it’s working on my end. Did you touch any of the files?

No video(s),No pictures, and lack of organization. I don’t think many people will be using this.

Care to explain, Exho?

na fresh install to give a review i like the mod its just i cant seem to get any other loot bags just tax documents :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have the software or computer capable of recording a decent quality video, nor the upload speed to handle it.

Just added pictures to the OP.

I’m working on organizing the OP a bit more.

I will make a vid :slight_smile: but obviously like i said earlier only tax docs are recognised from loot object so $500 and 8 loot bags and the darkrp message

I don’t quite understand how this is happening. You certain you’re not just placing multiple taxdocs pickups? Try making other types of pickups. I’d prefer if you hold off on the video until you can get that bug fixed, as everything’s working 100% fine at my end.

heres what happens when i get into my server i place down loot_dropoff_truck then spawn in loot_supply_guns and spam e until its red. then i bring the bags to truck and it says you get $500 and another message to do with tax doccuments happens with all dropoffs and all supplys its weird

i really don’t know anymore

uninstall it completely and reinstall it

So wait, you’re just stealing from the world? Players aren’t actually affected by this, except cops?

Effectively, yes. I’m working on a UI to allow claiming the loot points, which would give the claimants of the point extra cash. You’d only be able to steal from claimed points then. Fully looting a point would unclaim it, and you can only loot claimed points.

The intention is for server owners to put loot pickups in the common basing areas and obscure areas so there’s reasons to raid other then to grab printers for the 1500th time. People would want to claim and protect these pickup points, as they get cash, and people would want to break into them to get the loot.

Finally able to reproduce the tax documents bug, here’s a fixed version.

thanks will give it a go

how would one make it compatable with a pocket so it remembers the what type of loot it was

you’re not supposed to be able to pocket it, i’ll have to fix that

loot bag Return How…?

i was just saying so, or maybe make them wearable so you can carry 2 (one on each sholder) to transport them over the map for example evo city.
Thats why i wanted to pocket them

take them to a dropoff point like the OP says