Darkrp - Changing the gamemode name and image?


And both are pretty much true. I’m NOT doing a TDM edit! I’m doing a Stargate RP gamemode, and I think it’s pretty much good enough and different enough from DarkRP to warrant it being in another category in the browser, even if I’m just a noob doing DarkRP edits.

Anyway, preemptive defense aside, I’m having trouble changing the category of my server.

I’ve noticed a lot of TDM darkRP edits that are in their own category, and they still have darkrp addons that…work. But whenever I edit files in darkrp/gamemode or just darkrp/darkrp.txt, to change the name and category of darkRP, it isn’t working. It’s still located in the DarkRP category. Is there any way to change this, either by a function, or a hook, or something?

Thanks guys.

Iirc there was a check implemented to prevent people from just renaming the DarkRP gamemode to get a new category. Might as well make your own gamemode if you think that using DarkRP as a base warrents a new category.

just on the first page of GMod servers, here are the darkRP edits:

There are a lot more down the list as well.

As I have put in the OP, I am aware facepunch is against anything DarkRP related. I’m asking for help, not for people to tell me to create another gamemode. What I am trying to do is attainable but i cannot find out how to do this.

That’s because they probably changed all the custom DarkRP variables/methods (darkRP.whatever) to be their own.

Thank you - but I am still looking for a solution to my problem. Saying something like “Darkrp.whatever” doesn’t help me. Perhaps it’s supposed to help me, I may be too inexperienced – but I still would like some help to figure out how to do this.

I’m referring to DarkRP library with methods such as DarkRP.notify, DarkRP.doorToEntIndex, etc. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you really shouldn’t be renaming your gamemode. DarkRP with a bunch of addons isn’t unique; anyone can do that.

If you can’t rename a gamemode how do you expect to create your own ‘custom’ edit?

Ah yes, I expected the superior attitude. You may or may not believe that what I am doing is unique or not. I will look into completely overhauling the darkrp functions and hooks and whatnot, but, I am not entirely sure that is what is necessary to rename the gamemode. To me, that seems a bit overkill. If anybody else would like to add something to assist me, I’d gladly accept help. Otherwise, leave your obligatory “dumb” rating on the post and move on.

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For more information for anybody who’d actually like to assist. I’ve tried:

if SERVER then
	hook.Add("GetGameDescription", "UNIQUEHOOKSAREANNOYINGASDHUASHUT", function() 
		return "Stargate Faction Wars Roleplay" end)

I have also tried editing darkrp.txt, cl_init.lua, sv_init.lua to rename this as well. It remains in the DarkRP category. I’ve tried renaming the gamemode folder and changing my default gamemode to that, but that of course caused addons to fuck up. Editing darkrp.txt seems to not do anything, here is what it looks like:

	"base"		"sandbox"
    "title"  "Stargate Faction Wars Roleplay"
    "version"   "2.5.1"
    "menusystem"	"1"

    "author_name"   "LightRP: Rick darkalonio, DarkRP: Rickster, Pcwizdan, Sibre, philxyz, [GNC] Matt, Chrome Bolt, FPtje Falco, Eusion, Drakehawke"
    "author_email"  ""
    "author_url"    "https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP"

    "icon"  ""
    "info"  ""
    "hide"  "0"

Again, I REALLY don’t need you guys to give me advice on how bad of a noob I am, how bad of a coder I am, and how stupid I am to do this, nor how I am completely incapable of anything, or how I am not going to accomplish anything, or how nothing I am doing is custom, or how I am a ‘coderhire nub,’ or how it’s probably a DarkRP with TDM cars and M9k. As I have said, go ahead and rate my post as dumb, or if you’d like, assist me.

You posted on a public forum, with a terrible idea noneoftheless, and you expect no mockery. This is what I find hilarious. No one here is obligated to assist you, we are people who have our opinions and by posting in such a public setting, you are allowing us to voice it.

They don’t have the superior attitude (although they are superior to you definitely) but are rather stating that they don’t believe you can do it if you can’t even figure out how to rename a simple gamemode.

If you have issues with this, then I suggest you close the thread and forget Facepunch, because you obviously aren’t ready for the forums.

I could not give a flying fuck as to what people think whether I can do a gamemode or not. In fact, renaming it is the LAST thing I need to do before completing it and releasing it. I am very well aware nobody is obligated to assist me at all.

To reiterate-

  • Keep your opinions to yourself. I have tried many ways to do this before posting here on facepunch, because frankly, I expected this kind of dickery among some of the members here.

  • I thank everybody for any help they can give me in doing this matter

And lastly, It’s NOT a terrible idea in the slightest. By saying that you are saying EVERY other DRP edit is a terrible idea, and that is simply not the case. Such servers have been extremely successful and made a good amount of money. Your opinion that It is a bad idea, is simply incorrect.

Again, I’m already done with this gamemode, the website, building a staff/developer base, and the server itself. There is literally only one other thing I need to do before releasing, and that is renaming it. It is not a DarkRP game. I believe, truthfully, it belongs to be in another gamemode. Its gameplay is unlike any other gamemode that exists presently.

Try Gamemode.Name
the base gamemode already returns the hook you tried to add as “self.Name” (in the Gamemode context) so it’s going to stop the other hooks from running (for GetGameDescription)

Yet it’s on the DarkRP base and you didn’t code anything yourself.

That’s right.

Because you have access to my FTP.

And you know what you are talking about.


Dude, seriously? What everyone has said is true. You claim that you have ‘overhauled Dark RP’ and made it your own game-mode, and yet you can’t even change the name? If you’d changed it enough for it to be worth re-named, you’d have the knowledge on how to do this?

Also, at the end of the day it’s still Dark RP, so unless you’ve changed almost every aspect, it’s just passing something that’s already built off as your own, which is never going to get any support.

There isn’t a check but renaming is highly discouraged. Even Garry is against the idea. It just litters the server list with a hundred gamemodes that are actually just DarkRP.

Also please keep in mind that the way the server browser works is that gamemodes with the most players are at the top, meaning gamemodes with only a single server get fucked over and shoved down to the bottom. Unless your RP gamemode is able to net around 100 players regularly, this idea might be more harmful than good.

Good point.

Never said I overhauled darkrp.


Basically what I am seeing in the top three post is actual constructive criticism instead of outright bashing, which I appreciate greatly. I think you guys make a better case than I on this matter, and to that end I’ve decided against renaming this server. Thank you all.

stop being dicks yall
head to init.lua, rename the gamemode name at the top
head to cl_init.lua, rename the gamemode name at the top
rename the gamemode.txt with your gamemode shit (there is a set of quotation marks at the top of the .txt, enter your GM name in there)
rename gamemode folder

tada, i am excited for stargate tdm