DarkRP - Changing Up the F4 Menu

When you hit f4 in a gmod darkrp server it shows this menu, i want to alter the jobs tab to somewhat look like the Money/Commands tab

This is sort of what i mean
The money tab has

-Give Money
-Drop Money
-Go to sleep
-Wake Up

I want to change the jobs tab so instead of displaying all of the jobs in one i want it wheres its like

>Law Enforcement
-Civil Protection
-FBI Agent
-Gun Dealer
-Car Salesman
-Black Market Salesman
-Drug Dealer

And it goes on like that…

It would be better to compare this to the entities tab
I just want all the jobs minimized and there to be a bar and for players to click in example
the bar that saw Law Enforcement and for it to drop down the law enforcement jobs

I just want to know a basic idea on how to do this, i looked through my files and couldnt find anything on this
If you know what file the stuff is in it would be kind of you to share

Thanks in Advanced,

I’ll code this for a couple of bucks.
This is not a simple task =
Learn how to lua code.

^^ im with darklord, you shouldnt belive DarkRP edits is free these days, none of us realy want to do it as its boring and mostly misused by people who dont realy have any control over their server meaning no RP what so ever…